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what to expect on your first visit

We begin with an evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care in our office. We use a combination of nervous system thermography scans, muscular evaluation and orthopedic testing in order to get a complete assessment of your health and neurological function. The utilization of this state of the art technology allows Dr. Stephen and Dr. Jill to analyze your case more accurately, diagnose with certainty, communicate their findings more effectively, track the progress of your healing, and it truly helps patients understand the principles of chiropractic and the benefits of long term chiropractic care beyond simple symptom relief. The information obtained from this complete neurological assessment allows the team at Connected Chiropractic to provide you and your family with the highest quality of care possible.

We do have an x-ray unit in our office that we utilize if we find it necessary. It allows us not only to see the structure and integrity of your spine, but also to document changes seen throughout care. These changes occur following a series of specific, gentle adjustments to the spine. After analyzing the information gained during your evaluation and seen on x-rays (if taken), we design a care plan that is tailored to you. We take into account age, activity level and pre-existing levels of degeneration of your spine.

After you leave, we will thoroughly review your case and create a plan of action specifically tailored to you and your health concerns. When you come back, we will go over your findings and your recommendations in order to achieve your health goals.

new patient intake paperwork

All new patients are required to fill out and submit new patient intake paperwork. You may download it from our website, fill it out at home, and bring it with you on your first visit. This will save you approximately 20 minutes at the office.

comprehensive consultation


what to expect on your second visit

At your orientation, you'll learn about health, physiology, chiropractic and how your are going to do achieve your goals under care! The doctors will review our chiropractic technique and expectations for care in the office to make sure you get the most our of chiropractic corrective care.

new patient orientation

We will review your findings from your evaluation and present a plan of action that allows you to achieve your health goals. An individualized care plan with be created for you based on your initial consultation, evaluation and health concerns. 

report of findings

We utilize Torque Release Technique for our adjustments. It is not only the most researched chiropractic technique, but it's also very specific and gentle!

first chiropractic adjustment



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