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An adult’s spine protects their nervous system & so does the spine for a baby or child! Since your nervous system controls and coordinates every other system, it is crucial for your child’s development to have a proper function. The birthing process can be very traumatic on a newborn baby, so it’s important for them to get their nervous system checked out as early as possible to ensure happy and healthy development!

Below are some potential benefits…

  • Encourage adequate neural plasticity (brain and nerve development)
  • Increase strength of immune system resulting in less ear infections, colds and other childhood illnesses
  • Decreased issues with breastfeeding/latching
  • Enhanced nervous system function leading to resolution of issues such as asthma, colic, reflux, allergies, bedwetting
  • Support a healthy digestive system
  • Increased ability to concentrate and focus
  • All other systems and organs functioning at a higher-level due to an optimal functioning nervous system



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