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Pregnant mom seeks chiropractic care to assist in preparing for labor.

Why Visit a chiropractor During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time when it can be challenging to feel your best. Weight gain, a changing center of gravity, and hormonal changes can leave you feeling unfamiliar with your own body.

Combine those physical changes with the emotions of anticipating an upcoming birth, and all the questions and worries that come with that– is my baby thriving? Will my baby be well-positioned when my delivery day comes?

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can address both the physical discomfort mom may be feeling and support the unborn baby to move into an optimal birth position.

What are the benefits of visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy?

For the mother:

  • Reduced interference to the mother’s nervous system, which controls & coordinates all other systems & functions in her body
  • Prepares the pelvis for a more comfortable pregnancy & birth by creating balance in the bone structures, muscles & ligaments in the pelvis
  • Remove tension in the ligaments that support the uterus, potentially reducing tension to the uterus 
  • By improving the mother’s overall function, we are decreasing the potential for unnecessary intervention
  • Overall decrease in low back & pelvic pain as the baby is growing

For the baby:

  • Reduced interference in the mother’s nervous system allows better development for the baby without restriction
  • Pelvic balance in the mother

When should I start chiropractic care during pregnancy?

No matter what point you’re at in your pregnancy, it is not too late to begin treatment. However, the earlier our doctors can see you the better. Releasing the stress building on your pelvis and uterine structures will be essential in helping you remain comfortable and active as long as possible up to the baby’s birth. 

Contact us today to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to helping you have the very best pregnancy possible.

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