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What Others Are Saying

” I started going to Connected Chiropractic for headaches and back pain. My husband goes for pain in his arm and my 3 kids go for wellness care. Our whole family loves getting adjusted and is always asking if it’s their turn to get adjusted! Since we started getting adjusted, my kids have not gotten sick. Before, they would get colds, especially during the winter season. I definitely recommend CC to my friends!”

Aguado Family

“When I first came to Connected Chiropractic, I was experiencing low back pain, hip pain, ringing in my ears, sinus trouble and mood swings. Chiropractic had helped me before, but the pain always came back. With chiropractic care, my mood swings improved tremendously, my stress level has improved and I got pain relief quickly. I also noticed changes in my posture and form when lifting, as well as better workout recovery.”

Shawndi W.

“Kholyns was experiencing UTIs frequently and even had to visit the Emergency Room twice. She was also having trouble with constipation. After being under consistent chiropractic care, she hasn’t had a single UTI and her bowel movements are more regular as well. Her mom also noticed an improvement in her overall attitude!”

Kholyns W.

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